Depending on the stage of prostate cancer, the general health of the patient, doctors suggest different modalities of treatment. Sometimes multi modal approach is followed to treat the disease. The options include

Active surveillance

Active surveillance is a way of monitoring slow-growing prostate cancer, rather than treating it straight away. The aim is to avoid unnecessary treatment, or delay treatment and the possible side effects. This is suitable for low risk prostate cancer.

Watchful waiting

Watchful waiting is a way of monitoring prostate cancer that isn't causing any symptoms or problems. The aim is to keep an eye on the cancer over the long term, and avoid treatment unless you get symptoms. This is suitable for elderly men who do not have symptoms. If symptoms arise, treatment will usually be palliative in nature and not curative.

Surgery: Radical prostatectomy

Surgery may be a treatment option for men with prostate cancer that is contained inside the prostate and who are otherwise fit and healthy. This is a curative treatment option. It could be done as open surgery, laparascopic surgery or by robotic surgery.

External beam radiotherapy

External beam radiotherapy uses high energy X-ray beams to treat prostate cancer. This is also considered as a curative treatment.

Permanent seed brachytherapy

Permanent seed brachytherapy involves implanting tiny radioactive seeds into your prostate gland. This is also called low dose rate brachytherapy. Radiation from the seeds destroys cancer cells in the prostate. You may have this treatment on it's own or together with external beam radiotherapy or hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy helps control prostate cancer by stopping the hormone testosterone from reaching the prostate cancer cells. It does not cure cancer but can keep it under control, sometimes for several years. It can also help to manage symptoms. You might have hormone therapy on its own, or with other treatments such as radiotherapy or brachytherapy.

High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU uses high frequency ultrasound waves to heat and destroy cancer cells in the prostate. It's newer than some other treatments, and long term data of effectiveness and side effect profile are lacking. Because of this, HIFU is considered not as a mainstream option.


Cryotherapy uses freezing and thawing to kill the cancer cells in the prostate gland.It's newer than some other treatments, and long term data of effectiveness and side effect profile are lacking. Because of this, cryotherapy is considered not as a mainstream option.

Radiotherapy for advanced prostate cancer

Men with advanced prostate cancer may have radiotherapy to help relieve pain and other symptoms. This is called palliative radiotherapy. Radiotherapy for advanced prostate cancer does not aim to get rid of your cancer but it can help to slow down its growth. You might have external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) or a type of internal radiotherapy called radioisotope treatment.

Bisphosphonates and Denosumab

Bisphosphonates are drugs that can be used to treat men whose prostate cancer has spread to the bones and is no longer responding to hormone therapy. They do not treat the cancer itself but they can help to relieve bone pain. These medications may also help to prevent and slow down the breakdown of bone.

Regular follow up after any treatment modality is very important.


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I was fortunate...Due to the fact that I caught it early it was confined in my prostate. I had the surgery. There's a debate about what you should do. One of the reasons that we're hearing about so many people having prostate cancer is because this test, this PSA test, detects this disease at a very early and curable stage.
     - Prostate Cancer Survivor


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